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Search Engine Optimization Branding Services

Search Engine Optimization Branding Services

New search engine optimization strategies are on the rise as this is the age where businesses have to pay more attention to social media. Both SEO and branding are interdependent of each other, so one cannot function effectively without the other. The primary purpose of Search Engine Optimization Branding Services is generating organic search engine traffic which converts into sales and leads, and improving brand reach and brand image are two of its most valuable benefits.

Below is a closer look at how a properly executed SEO campaign improves branding.

Search Engine Optimization Branding Services

Do you want your site to generate the best results? What you need is an effective digital marketing mix that will drive the results you look for. From SEO to PPC, content marketing and social media, we take care of everything that will optimize your Search Engine marketing.

Every business has unique needs and to meet them you need both SEO and branding to form a profitable digital marketing strategy. Why do you always click on the first result you see when you search for something online? Unintentionally, we all want to get the best result in the topic we search for.

You click the link that feels the best relevant to what you need. Organic (paid / non-advertising) link click-through rate isn’t always on the top ranking link. SEO and branding are linked together and having a strong brand awareness is very vital to your SEO strategy.

Having a brand name is a good way to invite people to click onto your site.

Why should your branding and SEO be strong?

Link Building

When businesses trust your brand, they will certainly come to you consistently to meet their business needs. That’s why developing a recognized and trusted brand presence is key to link building, which is one of the best tactics within SEO.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of link building, think of it as a way of earning endorsements for your site. If another site links back to you, search engines tend to see that as a confirmation of your site’s usefulness, safety, and relevancy of your site. Once your site has collected a few relevant and trustworthy links from other sites, search engines will be more likely to serve it up to visitors in search results because it has been “endorsed” by other sites.

Branding Perspective

From a branding perspective, building great links is a lot more difficult without a strong brand image. Think about it like this, if you’re looking for a source to cite in your blog post, would you rather link to or some generic website you just stumbled upon? Assuming the info you’re citing is the same from both sites, you’re probably going to decide that the Forbes article is a better citation for your blog post.  If your readers are wondering where you got your information, they’re going to trust you, the blog writer, a lot more if you’re citing widely known and trusted brands such as Forbes, rather than something they’ve never heard of.

Searches for Brands – Easy Wins

Maybe this is a given, but it’s worth pointing out. People who know exactly what they’re looking for are more likely to find it. In other words, if someone types your brand name into Google, they are probably looking specifically for your site, your brand, and your offerings. They know what they want already. By intertwining your SEO and branding strategies, you can grow your brand recognition, and, over time, begin driving valuable brand searches that turn into faster conversions than those among visitors who are just shopping around.

This is a difficult concept to prove because platforms like Google Analytics do not supply keyword-level info that can be directly connected to conversions, but the pure authority of branded searches is hard to ignore. If your brand is strong enough, people may not even bother searching for general keywords, and will just search your brand name instead. For example, look at the search volumes around three of the most common car windshield repair keywords on the books.

Branding specialists

Branding specialists may not know it, but SEO campaigns frequently (and usually should) include a branded SEO component. A branded SEO campaign targets branded keywords, e.g., “acme widget cleaner”, so that Google users querying branded search terms see the brand’s company links, quite often at the top of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

SEOs love branded campaigns because they attract the most relevant traffic (i.e., people specifically looking for the brand), and therefore generate the highest percentage of lead or sales conversions. In addition, the high relevance of the campaign to the keywords tends to raise overall Search Engine Optimization Branding.

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