Strategies for Social Media Branding

Social Media Branding

Strategies for Social Media Branding

Give your brand the attention it deserves! Be it content marketing, social selling or customer support, reach your target market easier and boost your brand productivity easily with social media branding.

However, watch every step you take as the competition is heavy with so many different platforms available at present. We have listed out some proven strategies to make the power of social work for you.

Social Media Branding Strategy

Using a Cheat Sheet

Your website should rise up to the trend and serve your customers in the best way possible. For this, you have to update it constantly and you can use a questionnaire to do this effectively. First, you should do a thorough research to evaluate factors such as the size of your marketing team, your current and expected traffic, current and expected revenue, etc.

Video Cross Posting on FB

To enhance your Facebook presence, use the video cross-posting feature to reach new and relevant audiences with your posts across pages. The cross-poster, i.e, the page in which the video was not uploaded originally, can share the video in a customized post and gain insights into the video’s performance on its page.

Scheduling Free Webinars

Respond to your valuable customers and enhance brand loyalty easily by scheduling free webinars with experts. Also, offer effective and quick customer interaction and support by sending messages in the messaging section.

Leveraging your Facebook Content

Even though all social media platforms have their own content marketing style, Facebook has various special advantages over them. Make the best use of the endless opportunities available on FB through its unique features like Facebook Live, Stories, video and image posts. Also, analyze the digital marketing pages of your competitors and check audience engagement rates for their posts.

Social Media Posts

Get a better impression by making your visual imagery stand apart in the increasing competition in today’s world of blogs.

Video Marketing

A video is worth a thousand text or image posts! To earn new traffic and retain customers on your website for longer than usual, the video is a highly effective tool. According to 76 percent of content marketers, videos drive more customers to their site than other forms of content marketing.


In spite of various new and emerging trends, blogging is still an effective content marketing medium to increase your website traffic. So it is very important for you to maintain a business blog regularly and write on trending and significant topics.

Some tips for you are using creative images in the ‘Our Story’ section and linking them to your post with CTA button, keeping your content crisp, using relevant hashtags, using open forums and so on.

Making Employees Your Brand Advocates

Educate your employees about best marketing practices and make them spread the word about your brand on social media as they are the ones who are the fittest for the job.


Use the art of storytelling in your posts most efficiently by making it lively and creative and by using engaging real-time videos.

Contests and Giveaways

Contests like fun activities help in generating more leads, building more brand awareness and engaging customers with your business more effectively.

The most important of all, having fun!

Finally, social media is not about formal emails but about exciting emojis, memes, and GIFs to give a personalized touch to your brand story and have some fun in the process!

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